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Rewire your brain

to live with passion

deepen your relationships

and make more money



Rewire your brain

to live with passion

deepen your relationships

and make more money


I help family-centered leaders go beyond success to obtain the world's most valuable assetnot money or timebut the ability to sit in the peace and silence of their own soul, without any need for escape or distraction. they can be happy with themselves, and deeply present with their family.


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My story 


A few years ago, I was sitting in the doctor's office and the nurse asked me,

"On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you?"

I thought about it sincerely and replied "2 out of 10."

My wife, who was with me, looked at me surprised,

"Are you kidding me? You are a 9!"

Shortly after that appointment I was talking to one of my mentors who said to me,

"Listen... You are Mitch Whiting! You love people like I have never seen, you are a high achiever... but do you realize you view yourself as a wounded bird?"

I knew he and my wife were right.

But how could I be so unaware of my own suffering?

I finally realized it was because gratitude was getting in my way. 

But how?

Because, like other high performers, I had a hard time admitting I wanted and needed more from life, because some part of me felt like I wasn't being grateful for all I had already been given.

From the outside looking in, I had it all━a beautiful wife and family, working at the largest company in the world, serving as a leader at church, getting a masters degree at night, coaching youth teams at the local climbing gym, a deep relationship with God, family and friends that love me...

Yet despite all my achievement, I was still experiencing a high level of suffering.

I ultimately discovered a higher form of gratitude, called abundance, which is, to be grateful for all you have, with arms wide open for all that God still has for you.


What my clients are saying:

Matt Herrington


Since working with Mitch I often refer to myself as the “New Matt.” The “Old Matt” had the passion, fire, and work ethic needed to succeed but something was missing. I had read all the books, done the exercises, and sought advice from trusted mentors but I was still stuck. I felt like a fraud. Mitch showed me the tools and frameworks I was missing to have the mindset I needed. Now I am in control of my thoughts and emotions. The changes I am making on myself are impacting my marriage more than anything I have ever done. Being the “New Matt” is exhilarating. I feel like me. I feel free from other people’s expectations. And I’m doing what I want to do and being who I really am. I want everyone to experience the transformation and liberation that I have.


Elaine Chaya 

Los Angeles Influencer

I spent every dollar in my bank account to work with Mitch and it was all worth it. I was tired of the way my life was going. What I was doing for the past 3 years wasn’t working. I needed someone who didn’t have the limiting beliefs I had that could help me see a different perspective. I knew Mitch knew something I didn’t know. He helped me break through mental hurdles I had been trying to get over for years. I am becoming more of me. I am rebuilding who I really am. I am more confident in myself, what my purpose is, and who I am meant to be. I bring light and joy to people around me and inspire them to be their own light and joy and do things they are scared to do. I now help others get rid of their limiting beliefs and step outside of their fears. If it weren’t for Mitch, I would not be living in such a powerful state.

Jaden Mecham

VP of Sales

Work was my first priority. Now it’s my fifth priority. I work 30 hours less each week and substantially increased my income. I got my mornings, nights, and weekends back to spend with my family. I am no longer delaying my values for when I am retired at 65. I’m living them today. After my first session, my wife was so happy with the changes she saw in me that she said “Pay him double!” You can live your values in the right order AND over-deliver on every expectation at work. I’m more creative, innovative, productive, and willing to take risks. I make decisions quickly now. I have confidence. If you are apprehensive about working with Mitch, don’t be! I feel so different. Coaching with Mitch has exceeded all the expectations I had. I just signed up to continue coaching him for the next few months.


Andy Smith 

HR Manager

Throughout my life, I have been overly consumed with worry and anxiety. I have always been a stubborn person and I have changed more in 3 months working with Mitch than the 10+ years I attempted to transform on my own. My life feels completely different. I used to work till 11PM, and now everything is done by 4:30PM. I feel abundant with my time. I can play with my kids in the morning, and at lunch, and after work. I am mentally and physically in the same place. I can’t explain to you how light I feel on a daily basis. I don’t spend time with thoughts that aren’t useful anymore. I was skeptical about coaching but I wasn’t skeptical about Mitch. I know who I was before this and how hard it was to get me to change. If this can work for me, it can work for anyone. You are the only thing stopping you. Invest in yourself. It will be worth it.

Loren Krieger


I almost didn’t hire Mitch but looking back now, I would have paid 10 times the cost to work with him. I was unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and frustrated because I had been given so many incredible tools throughout my life but I could not get them to work for me in a way that brought me peace. Now I feel tremendous peace. I gained clarity in my life’s purpose. I experience less anxiety, I love people more, I love my wife and children more. If I hadn’t met Mitch and gone through this process I would be absolutely shredded to my core right now because of the challenges that recently came up in my life. Now I am resilient. It changed everything for my wife and I. I love her for who she is without wanting her to change. It’s amazing. It feels totally different. If you are hesitant about working with Mitch, ask yourself this, “What is your life worth?” Have courage. Trust in yourself and trust this process. You will absolutely change. It’s inevitable.



Armand Overstreet 

Financial Consultant

Until I met Mitch, I thought ending my life was a potential answer to ending my stress. I never had the plan to do it but was thinking about it all the time. The only peace I got was when I was asleep. I had seen therapists, read books, searched for mentors, and had glimpses of my potential but just kept falling short. I  was worried I wasn’t doing enough to excel at home as a father and a husband. I was frustrated that my hard work wasn’t paying off. I wanted peace and fulfillment and confidence in myself. Mitch allowed me to look at life through a different lens and to see myself for who I really am. Now I believe I am enough. I’m confident, ambitious, and funny. I am more caring and creative. I am capable, energized, and more real. I’m excited to see my kids and hear about their days and see them do things they love to do. I’m so proud of my wife and appreciate just how strong she is. I feel lucky and grateful. Life is meaningful. Life is important. It’s joyous, and fun. The feelings I feel are worth more than any amount of money I could spend. What I wanted more than money was to progress more profoundly and to become who I really am.


Ready to be happy with yourself and deeply present with your family?